Resilience Coaching Package

Do you need more insight into your pattern of resilience and how to strengthen it? A monthly package of weekly one-on-one sessions including Voxer App support is $800 CDN. Save $150 with a 3 month commitment.


Self-Awareness Course

Whenever we're lost, our first instinct is to a find a map in search of that "You Are Here" point.
To move towards what's possible, we begin by understanding the same about ourselves. Who and where are you in your everyday life, outside of what life demands of you? How are you interacting with the world, and how are you making sense of it?

This is a 2-week course done in a private, interactive Facebook Group. There will be 4 LIVE presentations to ensure the depth of the content is conveyed; one-on-one support via Voxer App during the course, PLUS an additional week after course completion is INCLUDED.

Why a group format? Because as humans we are more alike than we are different, and we can see ourselves better in others.

*New! Option for individual, self-paced available upon request.

Price: Early bird rate (before Aug 15th) $349 CDN, after, $399 CDN

Start Date: Sep 6th to the 19th

Dr Elena Sherwood, Resilience Coach, Retired Therapist, Motivational Speaker