Resilience Coaching - Available Worldwide!

If you feel like you’re still searching for the you YOU really want to be, let’s talk.

Sometimes our gut feelings are screaming, and we can’t decipher its message.

Sometimes we are rested but weary, present but some place else, here but disconnectedly or distractedly so.

What if you didn't have to do it all on your own? Together we could: 

  • Celebrate your journey to the present;

  • Find what holds you back;

  • and, get you the rest of the way to claiming your life as FULLY and UTTERLY yours!

I look for a minimum commitment of 1 month as there are no quick fixes.


Here are the packages:


The Essential Package is for someone who knows something has to change. This includes 1 session per month, then we communicate through the Voxer App regularly towards nailing down and/or achieving your goals. $500 CDN/month.


The I'm Ready! Package is for the one who's ready to be really challenged. It includes a session every other week, with Voxer support. $700 CDN/month.


The I'm Unstoppable! Package is a weekly full hour session with Voxer support of course. This one is for the ultra ready, spinning in their wheels, eager, and yearning for their direction; they will accept no other outcome than loving the life their in. $1000 CDN/month.


Dr Elena Sherwood, Resilience Coach, Retired Therapist, Motivational Speaker