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I'm Elena, your Certified Resilience Coach with a layered understanding of the human psyche, and an exceptional way of getting down to the heart of the matter so you can be your truest, freest, and most genuine self.

Resilience Coaching

It's about looking at ALL the important parts of your story, getting a crystal clear view of your inner strength, triumphs, and tremendous acts of courage. Together we yank some unwanted roots so the best parts of you are unmistakable and distinct. No soul is so broken it can't heal, no one is so lost they can't be found.


"Elena did a wonderful job doing what she does best...asking questions that makes you think... to move on to finding your own personal strengths. What I loved most is her honesty and no BS zone, such a beautiful gift Elena has and I’m so grateful!"  J.

"What an excellent service you provide Elena. Your group made me realize my true worth and I'm optimistic for the future. Your no nonsense no BS insightful feedback showed me that I already had it in me. This is a priceless gift Elena, thank you. Truly grateful."  G.

Ways we can work together!

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One to One Resilience Coaching

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