Some days the hardest person to be is your true self.



It's easy to lose sight of the real you in everyday life, trapped in echoes of the past, a heavy present or the burden of the future.

You can move from who you think you are, to who you desire to be.

Some journeys are easier with company, where someone walks with you, right out of the places you're stuck in.


YOUR pattern of resilience is enough to inspire you. Outside the walls of despair are hope, peace, freedom, energy, and gusto.

Hi,  I'm Elena

Resilience Coaching


There is so much power in your story! Resilience coaching is about helping you see all your sides, especially the strong one that's done very hard things.

No soul is so broken it can't heal, no one is so lost they can't be found.


My long term career as a clinician taught me that women give up too much, are uncomfortable with compliments, and are very hard on themselves.

Practicing what I preach...

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Certified Resilience Coach,
Author, Retired Therapist of 35 yrs

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