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Testimonials on educational groups:

"Just wanted to let people know what an excellent service you provide Elena. Your group sessions has made me realize my true worth and helped me grow into a more outgoing confident person with an optimistic vision for the future. Your no nonsense no BS insightful feedback showed me that I already had it in me just needed someone to shine the light on what I had already accomplished and that I was the master of my own destiny...Those that may have tried to make me feel "Less than" no longer controlled my thoughts or my feelings...I own everything that happens in my life from now on I am in control. This new sense of empowerment and hope for the future is a priceless gift that your group sessions have left me with Elena and I thank you for this." ----- A.H.
"Elena did a wonderful job doing what she does best...asking questions that makes you think... to move on to finding your own personal strengths. What I loved most about the group was the honesty and no BS zone, such a beautiful gift Elena has and I’m so grateful I was able to be a part of this wonderful group! --- N.P.
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