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Coaching Packages

No matter how powerful one-on-one sessions are, what really matters is what clients do with all this wisdom, in everyday lives.


Knowledge and insights are one thing, applying it is EVERYTHING.

If you’re anything like me, when I commit to something, I’m eager to GO.

I’m ready for the quickest and most efficient path forward, even when I’m not sure what I’m aiming for yet.

Sometimes our gut feelings are screaming, and we can’t decipher its message.

Sometimes we are rested but weary, present but some place else, here but disconnectedly or distractedly so.

If you feel like you’re still searching for the you YOU really want to be, let’s talk.

The Coaching Package Breakdown:

A 30 minute 1:1 Call via Zoom. Weekday support via end-to-end encrypted Signal App to keep you on track with this realness journey.

Together we will: 

  • Celebrate your journey to the present;

  • Find what holds you back;

  • and, get you the rest of the way to relish and delight in the beautiful life you've worked so hard to build.

Essential Package:

This includes one packed half hour chat via Zoom to get to know each other and set some concrete realness goals plus weekday support via end-to-end encrypted Signal App. Cost: $500 CDN per month.
All-In Package:

Essential Package plus weekly one hour Zoom chats! Cost: $800 CDN  per month.

Not sure yet? Let's start here!


I'm offering a free 15 chat to see if we’re a fit.


If we are, we get down to business.

To help you the best way possible I’ll give you a few questions to answer, I’ll peruse and glean possible areas of focus, then we meet for a power half hour and hash out your goals.

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