The platform

Every relationship functions on a platform of sorts that can be hard to define, especially when we're on it. With others, it’s easier. For instance, we’ve met couples who leave us questioning why they’re still together, yet they are oblivious, or disinterested in our views.

The platform, for lack of a better word, is about how the relationship feels. Does it have elements of a warzone, with verbal attacks and weapons? Does it have the impartiality of mere business partners who are adept at managing day-to-day matters? Does it feel like a good roommate situation, where there is camaraderie, fondness, and benefits? There are endless variations.

Let’s aim for the best kind, the one in which, anything and everything in the world, in life, feels possible. It’s closely intimate. It's where sex is about love, not duty or allowance; where respect and valuing flow abundantly, where it feels fantastic. Many relationships begin here but wander off unknowingly. If this is you, I invite you and your partner to sit down with warm (or cold) beverage and plan your journey back!

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