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I'm drawn to talk about superpowers today. I'd love to hear about yours if you already know what it is. By know, I mean really know. I'm not talking about the easy surface things, I'm talking about the superpower that is a conduit between your deepest self, and the grand organic universe we live in.

I use to think that mine was empathy; I knock being present with someone right out of the park. It's close, but not really a guttural claim because, let's be honest, it's not really all that hard to listen and acknowledge. You need only support, and say I hear you, bartender style, maybe a fist pump if people still do that and keep the drinks coming. Empathy is only a part of it for me.

Think of all the things you've done passionately, all the ways you've put food on the table and paid the rent/mortgage, all the various things you've dabble in. Where do they all intersect? What is the one thing they all have in common?

Mine dawned on me this morning, here it is:

"Vulnerable is my brave."

That statement strikes all the right cords for me, stays suspended when the dust settles and makes me tear up with its succinctness. It constricts my throat a little to say it loud, at least for now.

Here's why. I take being present with others to a whole other level, and let me admit this to you, its scary as f**k. Not everyone wants to hear what I really think, even when they crave a different view. Crafting up hard questions is easy, I'm sure we do it all the time, but posing them makes me a moving target to received the unleashing of a life's worth of wrongs. People have proverbially shot the asker. I have been, several times. I've been mocked, fired, attacked and disowned because of them.

Yet, here I am.

The most important part here is my question to you. What is yours? Think of this deeply, then go deeper yet. Chat with those who care about you, chase the info down until you freaking nail it into breathless simplicity. Then, my friend, stand tall and own it!


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