Your thing

If you click on the Podcast page, you'll find my thing.

Everyone needs a microphone and a muted crowd from time to time, if only to allow their inner thoughts to flow truthfully. Perhaps what you deserve is a megaphone. Or maybe it's a leather bound journal with crisp white pages and a quill pen and ink.

Oh the treasures that lay inside you are endless, boundless, and blessedly, uniquely you!

Maybe you sing, dance, illustrate, doodle, sew, create, or have another way to express. To leave your mark. To make a statement, even if it's only to yourself. Maybe the statement is as succinct as: "This is me."

Today, I encourage you all to do your thing with more vigour than you ever have before. USE IT. Celebrate it! Beautify this world with it!

I'll tell you this. If whatever you do comes directly from your soul, THE WORLD THIRSTS FOR IT.


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