My mission

Like everyone else, I’ve found myself at an impasse or perhaps just uncertain of which way to point my feet. I’ve felt that several times in my life, and I felt it again this morning; however, it only lasted the time it took to write this post. You see, at this juncture in my life I have three things on the go. I’m writing my story, investing in this blog, and running my practice. One might assume that I’m trying to do too much, my view is that I'm just getting started.

The first one (the book), won’t be out for another year. It’s about my journey; whomever reads it will know I’ve travelled the road their on and know it well. My second love is this blog, which is about putting out onto the world, as much knowledge as I can, for everyone to use freely. The third, my practice, will always be my first love. This is where I hold space with people who are eager to live fully and love well. There is nothing as effective as this personalized work. These folks can’t see it yet, but they are nearly there!

My mission is to infuse goodness into relationships that need it. It’s time to end unnecessary heartache and close the distance between people who love each other. I want to help parents be role models for how to disagree and yes, argue; this will set their kids up to choose worthy partners and have grown-up relationships themselves. So, there is much to be done, I’m so glad you are here with me on this journey. More to come!


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