Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what keeps me from standing tall?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, help me let the bullshit fall.

It will have to be you. You will have to be the one to stare at a proverbial mirror and search for what needs to go. We are forced to wear different faces and embody different roles. We please. We tend. We agree. We fight. We negotiate and compromise. We meet halfway. We nod. We smile.

Sometimes we’re forced to look down, look past, or look away.

Sometimes we use our voice, sometimes it’s heard and valued, sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes we’re invisible, sometimes we’re treasured. It changes.

How much of you, in your life, is truly you? We are constantly aware of our proximity to what the world needs of us, even our boundaries are because of them. All that aside, who are you really?

Please don’t let hidden or subdued be your legacy.

Real is everyone's best look!


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